How do I create a poll in Poll Guru?

Creating a poll in Poll Guru is a very simple and intuitive process. Begin by logging into your account and clicking on the blue button 'Create Poll". This will bring you to the set-up page.

1. Next, Choose a Title for your poll and enter it into the box.

2. Choose Asynchronous (participants play at their own speed and at any time) or Synchronous (Participants answer the questions one at a time, while you control the speed).

3. Optionally, enter a description of your poll.

4. Advanced Options:

* Choose Number of Days to Retain Responses: 0 (Keep responses until you decide to clear it- no time limit) or to any number of days you set. For example, if you wanted to keep the poll responses for 30 days, type '30' in the box.

* Redirect Link**: Type your HTML link in this box to redirect your participant to a specific link. Otherwise, they will be directed to our homepage when the poll has been completed.

* Display Results to Users: Turn this button to 'on' if you'd like to display the poll result at the end of each question. Turn to 'off' if you do not want to display them.

* Show the Clear Button: Turn this button to 'on' to be able to clear resluts whenever you want to do so.

* Show the Export Button: This gives you the ability to export the results.

* Turn Static Game Pin to 'on': A static game pin is important when you are using the poll in an e-learning module. When it is turned off, the game pin changes each time you play. When it is turned on, the game pin will not change and you can provide a direct link to the participant

* Enable Teams: Turning this button on will allow you to set up teams by providing a box(es) to enter team names.

5. Click 'Create Poll'.

Watch this fun and informative video to learn how to create a poll in detail!

Last updated on 15th June 2020

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