How do I integrate a poll into my virtual training or eLearning?

A poll can be integrated into a virtual training or eLearning in a variety of ways.

For example, using the 'asynchronous' mode, a poll can be set up ahead of time and sent out with a web link to participants. They can answer the poll on their own time, and you can display results when you want during your virtual or eLearning course.

If you'd like to do the poll at one time, particularly for a virtual training, just be sure everyone has a smart phone or another device handy that they can use to participate during the training. (They could also open another tab on their web browser; however, some may struggle to flip between the two tabs on a small device.) The poll could be done in either 'asynchronous' or 'synchronous' modes, depending on the speed you want your participants to move.

**See the video clips below for more ideas. **

Last updated on 12th June 2020

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